Time and Again

Time and again

Keep track of when something was done last

...and how many times you ever did it.

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Time and again

Simply create the things you want to track, and when you do those things, just touch one button to remember forever.

Time and Again can be used in many ways

Remember when you spent time on hobbies and created memories. Or remember your last meal time to note gaps between meals.


List down your hobbies. Hit GO when you do them. The itch to hit the GO button will drive you to do them more often!

Play-time with Kids

Remember when you last played with your kids, outdoors? Has it been too long? Let the app remember it for you.


Try something new

Hot air balloon ride? Helicopter ride? When was the last time you did something for the first time? Let the app remember it!

Random Events

What time did you wake up today? And yesterday? What time did you have your lunch, last Sunday? When did you last sacrifice buying something fancy, so you could save?

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